Belarus:  42 Homestead settlements

Here are some of the settlements in Belarus.  Please go to this Belarus website for much more.

The numbers on this list below corresponds to the numbering on the website.

1)  Country Settlement  Belarus 
1 Settlement Hosnik Belarus

Sergei +375292894482



Grodno region, Grodno district, s / s Skidelsky, a village Hosnik. 3 km to the highway Minsk-Grodno (M6), 8 km to Skidel, 35 km to Grodno. There is a forest, river.


2) Belarus Settlement "Ringing streams"

Nikita 80296450838, 80336332988, 80292527085, skype: nikitaby17

Misha, Alexei 80296126158, 80294210076

Settlement is in the Grodno region, on the border of Grodno, Minsk and Brest region , between settlements Korelichi and Novogrudok. There are beautiful places: hills, ravines, small copses. 0.5 km small river Rutka. The settlement is based on several villages near Polonia Boratin and Mountain Route. Village apartment. To date, the settlement permanent residence 6 families several homes were purchased. 



3)  Belarus Settlement "Ringing Mountain"

Alexander lads +375297156859

Alla and Vladislav +375295104351

Vladimir Kukhto

Alexander Kargin



Vitebsk Oblast, Vitebsk region, with a / c Zadubrovsky. Located in village about forty kilometers from the city of Vitebsk. Founded in 2005 on the basis of the village of Hora. The village lives an active life, are dance and music evenings, children's classes, and general reading.

4)  Belarus Settlement "Radimichi" (Rodimichi)

Nikolai 80297335373, 80445384333


Gomel region , Rechitsa district, White-Bolotskih with a / c, and d.Chёrnoe d.Peskopole. About 60 kilometers from Gomel and 40 from Rechitsa. The bus runs from Rechitsa 2 times a day. The village has a shop. The settlement is located near the Dnieper River (4 km away, at a distance of an hour's walk), on the banks of which are beautiful picturesque pine forests. Near lake Hotetskoe.

5) Belarus Settlement Vasilkivka

Zmitrovich Dmitry +375172846722, + 375 29 (44) 7549720


Minsk region, Logoisk district, s / s Zadorevsky, village Vasilkivka. The settlement is located 90 km from Minsk, there is no direct connection. The valley, surrounded on all sides by a beautiful forest. Through the valley flows a stream that divides it into two halves. Forest, rises from different angles, so different that they have in place all sorts of berries and mushrooms.

6)  Belarus Settlement Mound

Victor Atrahimovich +375295122534,


Settlement Settlement is located in the Vitebsk region, Rossony district, d. Mound. There are six houses, four residential and two beyond repair, electricity, roads, water, earth - everything is there! Gardens, vegetable gardens, a bathhouse, a goat, a chicken, Vietnamese pigs. Lakes for every taste within 5 kilometers. The forests are full of berries and mushrooms.

7)  Settlement Zbyshin Belarus

Igor +375447206477

Olya +375291539015,

Mogilev Region, Kirovsky district, s / s Borovitsky, village Zbyshin. 60 km from the Mogilev and 50 km from Bobruisk. There is a forest, river, small hills. three sections decorated, two houses built a third. In one house winter. In the settlement of 7 adults and five children. There are several areas for development.

8)  Belarus Poselenie Krasa

Vladimir +375298950202

Vitebsk region, Vitebsk district, s/s Shapechinsky, Peaks Village.  30 km from the city of Vitebsk in the direction of Orsha. Double bus from Vitebsk walks a day. The nearest school is about 17 km. From d. Osinovka walking school bus. Nature exceptionally beautiful.

9) Settlement Dew - the largest settlement of patrimonial estates in Belarus. Located it in the Minsk region, Volozhin district d. Petrusovschina.   It was founded in 2003 as a result of the publication of a series of writer Vladimir Megre books "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

The inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of environmentally friendly products, ornamental plants nurseries, make herbal teas and fermented willow-herb, engaged in beekeeping. On private farms breed goats, chickens and guinea fowls, purebred dogs and cats, ornamental fish. In Rosah have their own builders and potters. Artisans engaged in manufacturing wood products, dolls, natural cosmetics, baking unleavened bread. For beginners who want to join us, we regularly Bed and sightseeing days because we see the possibility of expanding the settlements and 100 estates. 

Telephone for guests: + 375-33-353-01-63 (Lyudmila) 

10) Belarus Poselenie Smogilёvka

Igor Puntsel 80291079731

Andrew Peppers d.8-0222-46-11-53, welcome 80299807978


Mogilev Region, Belynichesky area with a / c Esmonsky, village Smogilovka. The scenic hilly area, close to the river Oslivka. There are springs, streams, river, forest and field, overgrown with pine trees and juniper. Nearest major locality, Belynichi city, located 14 km south-east. The distance to the administrative center of the region - Mogilev is 58 km away.

11) Settlement of Belarus

Leonid Ubertsy +375295734749, +375445547577


Olga Vitebsk region, Lepel district, s/s Pyshnensky, village Ubertsy. In the district there are several lakes, the nearest 1.5 km (20 minutes on foot). The nearest forest 1 km - far away, but it does not interfere with the hares and other animals run straight through the village. One of the neighboring villages (1km) is the center of the village council, with all its features: a shop, school, hospital, post office, village council.

12)  Belarus Ulese Settlement

Georgy +37533 6216883, +37529 5524213



Vitebsk region, Dokšycy area with a / c Berezinsky, village Ulese. 100 km to Minsk, 12 km to the Begoml, 30 km to the Dokshitsy. There are bus routes. The settlement is located near the western boundary of the Berezinsky Reserve. On all sides the forest rises. The terrain is slightly hilly. There is a small lake at 4 km River flows. Berezina. 


13)  Belarus Poselenie Chelnyshki

Vladimir +375292158982


Vitebsk, Beshenkovichi district, s / s Beshenkovichi, village Chelnyshki. Before Vitebsk 60 km, 200 km from Minsk to Beshenkovichi 7-11 km. The village is divided into two halves Svechankoy river. Grove - 2 km, to the right of the grove - Forest, also about 2 km from the Chelnyshek. Yet there is one small grove 2 km, and after him, through the track, cranberry marsh, overgrown with bushes, trees and forest. In District 3 lakes: two small side, about 5 or 6 km to them, and one decent - 8 km.

14)  Settlement of Belarus

Andrei Yasnodar 375336951839

Anastasia 375336765994


Vitebsk region, Vitebsk district, s / s Surazh, village Hodorino. We bought 2 houses under the bed. Impassable village, surrounded by mixed forest, mushroom and berry - a lot of blueberries and blackberries. A few years ago in the village had seen a bear. Up to 1.5 km of asphalt. 3 houses bought us 2 for guest houses, 1 - Workshop on wood.

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