Contact - Find a family estate contact near you . . .

Make contact with people near you:

There are hundreds of settlements and family homesteads around the world. Internet forums for the establishment of new settlements are on the following links:

Germany (Familien Landsitz)

Czech Republic (Rodový Statek)

Hungary (Birtok Közösség)


Belarus (villages)


United States of America


New Zealand


China (家園 tr. Jia Yuen)

Other possible contacts for you:







Tips for establishing villages:

Ukraine websites. Great tips.

Use Google translate

Links about Anastasia


Ringing Cedars of Russia books:​​

Note:  This is Vladimir Megre's only online bookstore.

Space of Love magazine - SOL

Discontinued but still available to read.

Thank you Yuri Smirnov - editor SOL


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