Directory for family estate settlements in Europe and beyond
In English, we often call our family estate our "space of love". In Russian it is called "Rodovoe Pomestie" - "the place of my eternal family line". From this, you can see we are not talking about "ecovillages" but something much, much deeper. We are talking about "the place of your belonging" which you hand down to your descendants. It's a beautiful heartfelt place that you build and grow during your lifetime, and then you hand it down to your children after you. What you are handing on in fact is a representation of yourself seen in everything you have created, and the energy of yourself who has lived on that land. That land can never be sold. That land has no true value except for you and your descendants. This is such a beautiful idea that Anastasia has given the world. Please find out more about this idea in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books by Vladimir Megre.  Thank you 
Map:  Anastasia-inspired family estate settlements in Europe.  Image source 

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France - 1 settlement 

26)  Settlement Anastasia (Anastasia)

Katya and Andrey +49 28144297507, +49 15254228347


South of France. Dear supporters, we invite everyone to participate in the creation of international ecovillage of ancestral homes in the south of France. People who share the philosophy of Vladimir Megre.

Germany - 2 settlements 

De 1. Weda Elysia Settlement

Information and Contact
In our family estate settlement, up to one hundred families will be able to live in natural and cooperative living communities of plants, animals and humans. Each individual family lives on its approximately one hectare family estate.

De 2. Familienlanditz-Siedlung Waldgartendorf

At Triesch near Konstantin Kirsch

In the immediate vicinity of Konstantin and Annegret, there are currently ten adults and two children living in a sort of scattered settlement. The distance from house to house is in many cases about 100 meters, similar to a family estate seat settlement. Through these neighborhoods, we have had a foretaste of how life in intentional family estate settlements will one day become. In our opinion, this scattering settlement can be expanded bit by bit. For this, however, the people who love this country need to be loved by the country and are honest, sincere and with their hearts. In the summer, our meetings are focused on the learning of the landscape. In the winter semester, we focus on people learning together!

In other words:
In the spring / summer, we pay more attention to the outside.
In autumn / winter, we focus more on the interior!

Ukraine - 2 settlements


24)  Settlement ancestral homes "Paradise Valley" - Location: Odessa region (80 km to Kiev), Veliko Mikhailovsky district. The settlement developed on the territory of 2 villages (p. Veliko Zimenovo with Martsianovo, 4 km highway Kiev). Family estate created in the former rural farmsteads.

Many are engaged in various kinds of crafts. Some have small children, and it's only the beginning! In the village there is a house that we temporarily use for meeting guests and their temporary stay there. Each month, held general meeting of neighbors, where we discuss organizational issues, holding of festivals and other events, everyone can express their views, share experiences and make a proposal. All decisions are made by discussion and vote. 

Our settlement is focused on the rapid development, so we want to see in the village friendly and cheerful people without bad habits that have the desire and possibility for 1 year and move to live permanently on the ground. We are pleased to accept families with children and young families. If you're not quite ready for such a quick move on the ground, then select a more suitable settlement. But, as in the case if you read all the books Megre, series "Ringing Cedars of Russia", and you have pure thoughts, and a burning desire to move from words to deeds 

We will all be good neighbors you! 
Vladimir Petrushev 
the E-mail address:   petrusheff @ 
tel. (067) 4843503 tel. (093) 7743132 

25)  Ukraine Khutor Bespalovka

Anna: Skype ann_brejneva, VC


In the Zmiev district of the Kharkov region. (Not to be confused with the eponymous railway station and large village, which is also located in the area)!  Hilly terrain around several lakes and large forests. The nearest village is about 6 km. Before Zmiyov town - 12 km. To Kharkov - about 65 km.

Belarus - 42 settlements

Kazakhstan - 7 settlements

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Portugal - 1 settlement 


I want to establish a food forest and organic farm and eventually live with 4 households here where we focus on the topics of food, shelter and well-being in a harmonious collaboration with mother nature.

Lynn.  Contacts to be added soon

Italy - 1 settlement


Ravenwood Ringing Cedars Eco Village. Italian Alps


Ravenwood is the central hub of the village. Facilities include a guest caravan, communal kitchen, meditation space, solar shower and a bush bath, laundry, a solar powered automatic washing machine, compost toilets, internet access, a reference library and seed bank; healing tables with crystals, oracle cards, aromatherapy oils etc; fully equipped arts and craft materials - oil, watercolor, acrylic, gauche paints;  spinning wheel with alpaca and sheepswool and much more.

Contact us

Hungary - 1 family estate settlement 


In Hungary too, a family estate settlement has been established for a few years. Approximately 10 families have already established their family homesteads. They also need all the positive and bright energies to master their challenges.

And:  (opposite)  >>

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Estonia - 2 settlements

27)  Estonia Settlement

Mauri +37253666335,, http://www.eestimaapõ

Mauri village, surrounded by forests and swamps, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kirikumäe landscape. The reserve covers 365 hectares of land and is surrounded by beautiful Kirikumäe other small lakes.

28)  Estonia Raveda

Settlement Settlement in Märjamaa near the village of Sipa. At 27.08 ha turns 14 sites on 1.1 hectares each. The rest - a common forest to create a forest garden. On the territory of settlements of 2 rivers and 2 channels. Nearest town: Sipa village - 5 km, Tallinn - 67 km.

Anastasia-inspired homestead settlements in other parts of the world..

Canada BC - 1 settlement 

Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada
5 acres of off grid paradise needs like minds to help turn it into a settlement. 

Wes.  Contacts to be added soon.

Japan - 1 settlement 

Kamui Family Homestead.  Near Miruto, Japan

Contact: Ekashi

The land is near the city but just far away enough in the quiet mountains, a river flowing beside it, just right size of the area, tractor and excavator included. Beautiful location and near a very friendly nearby township. Muliti-lingual.

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