Kazakhstan:  7 family estate settlements
The numbers on these lists correspond to the numbering on the Anastasia.ru website.

15) Kazakhstan Settlement Origins

Oleg 87714129661, 87052320594, Maria 

87714129662, 87024299405 https://vk.com/club96175553


Settlement is located in the south side of the city of Almaty, near turarskih dach near the settlement of "Lyubavushka"

16) Kazakhstan Settlement Polesie

Alexander Baklushin https://vk.com/polesye04




City Almaty Zhetysu rayonZemlya located in Kazakhstan, in Almaty region, twenty kilometers west of the city Kapchagai, on the route Kapchagay - Kurta. This is - a zone of extreme agriculture. The nearest water sources, electricity and gas - in the city. Land - fine sand, silt, without saline, without clay. Kazakhstan steppe, virgin, with its pluses and minuses

17) Kazakhstan Settlement "Jer Uyyk" - Blagoslavennaya

EarthAjibekov Daur +77776024909

Viktor Bondarenko, +77773480560 Zher_ujyk@mail.ru



Near Shymkent 70 km. Redeemed in the property of 200 hectares of land near Bugunskogo vodohranilischa. Steppe. South Kazakhstan. Soil-gray soil of our region, very fertile. In Bugunskom reservoir usual carp, pike, carp, catfish, crayfish. Along the reservoir is Arys-Turkestan canal. Near a protected area, migratory birds rest here on the way. The Kazakh epos Gers Uyyk - the promised land.

18)  Kazakhstan Settlement "Tugan jer - Native Land"

Hasek Yuri 87772255865, 87012252335, vedruskz@mail.ru

The settlement is 40 km away. from Pavlodar. The number of land is not yet limited, decorated 25 plots year-round live 5 families are active building 7 more. Steppe, reservoirs there, all communication is done independently.

19)  Kazakhstan Settlement Almaray

Rinat 87052221226   Olesya 87017252638



Almaray Settlement is located in Talgar district of Almaty region, about 40 km from Almaty city, 30 km. by Sayakhat Kulzhinskoy on track. State certificate for each lot. Light (10kW) per uch-to 3-phase 3-tariff meter, gravel roads. The soil - loam, quite dense and poor. Saves drip. Mountain View beautiful.

Meeting at the Kazakh land with Vladimir Megre - January 20, 2012





20)  Kazahstan Poselenie Danilovka

Yury, Olga: 52-62-68,

Andrei, Oksana 56-11-43


Pavlodarskaya area. 7 kilometers from the highway, near the village, where there are about a dozen houses, in the middle of the steppe. This place is attracted by the fact that far from the city (about 40 km), until you can work in the city and build an estate. As well as the beauty of nature - clean air, singing larks, endless blue sky. We have a lot of free land, we invite everyone to become our good neighbors.

21)  Kazakhstan Settlement Lyubavushka juli.kimeysha.satova@yandex.ru 



Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Zhambyl region. The nearest village Kasymbek 5 km, 50 km to Almaty. All the village is situated on several hills, and to get to the farthest corner is necessary to cross the gully, with its bridges and meet with local animals: gophers, squirrels and foxes, which sometimes run up to see us.

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