We are taking back our Motherlands... all over the world.

The "Take back your Motherland" project is committed to helping you find people in your own country who are readers of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books. This website includes a worldwide directory - see Connect in the menu. The aim of this project is (a) to help people connect with each other locally, and (b) to inspire people to start initiatives that will lead to the co-creation of kin's domains in your country.


Wherever you are in the world, from the Amazon to Zanzibar, please contact us with your website and Facebook group addresses. We'd love to show the world what you are doing. If there's nothing yet moving in your country, we want to help you get something started.

More about this website

This website is a "beta" website which means it is not the final version. The vision for this website is HUGE.

A permanent home for all of this material is being co-created by two computer programmers - one based in the USA and the other in Canada. I am working in the "Networking" area. I currently live in New Zealand but have applied to immigrate to Sweden in 2017. This website is most certainly an international co-creation.


In our different countries, we simultaneously began to feel an urge to create a way for Ringing Cedars readers in English and other languages to CONNECT with each other. When I found the American creator of "Kin's Domain Network, we decided to join forces and continue co-creating this project together. 

A website in two halves

I am a writer/journalist and researcher. I have no website creation experience beyond using a pre-exisiting platform, such as this Wix template. My focus is on networking and creating content. However, as more content was being added to this site, the drag-and-drop functions on the builder became painfully slow. In the middle of February, I decided to take the executive (and only logical) decision

I could - and that was to divide this website into two.

On the 
"International" part of the website you will find background material, articles, news, Forms and our history.  I will also be adding tips for how to run Facebooks groups with greatest efficiency using the KDN philosophy - "Think globally. Connect locally."


On the "Connect" part of the website you find the international Directory, land currently for sale in kin's domain villages, meetings, and under "Media" are interesting websites and social media links. 

Wednesday Cafes

- local meetings once a month

We invite you to join with us all around the world for our regular monthly meetings. The dates of these meetings for 2017 are:

January 11 - Ancestors, Family, Clan

February 8 - seed market, seed, nutrition, food

March 8 - Community and helpful structures to transition to the new earth

April 12 - Childrens day, How children live and grow (created by children)

May 10 - Wedding, Marriage and the relationship between man and woman

June 14 - The kin's domain as a living space, the hectare as living environment

July 12 - Building, Handcraft, Creativity

August 9 - Phenomen Anastasia

September 6 - Medicine, Alternatives, (Spiritual) Cure 

October 11 - Gratitude for Harvest, Celebrating the Earth 

November 8 - Transition/Initiation: Birth and Death

December 13 - Dark forces - self-determination vs. manipulation

This initiative is developed by the "Terra Animam Association" Hungary.

PETITION Kins Domains Development

- A new global Consciousness. 


Created by the Hungary settlement Terra Animam

Petition - Sign!

The idea behind ​​the Kins Domains development is that each human can live a joyful life on Earth. They remember their free and joyful creation, a birthright they can share with the land on Mother Earth. It is suitable for people of all nations, all religions and it is able to be adopted for almost all areas of the globe.

"The Oracle" 

The official blog for "Take back your Motherland" website.

Various contributors. 

Humanity is waking up out of the longest dream... "The Oracle" speaks in our ear the Truths of what we are co-creating for ourselves here on planet Earth. 

New article. Nov 10, 2016.  "Norway: New policies for peace and prosperity


Magasin for kultur og nature: Russia's ecological miracle. Norway. Translates.

Dec 2, 2012. Over half of the food in Russia is produced organically by millions of families grow their own plots in their spare time. The Russian government is giving away such plots free for non-commercial cultivation purposes.

Links about Anastasia

http://vmegre.com/en/   Deutsche


Ringing Cedars of Russia books:

Vladimir Megre's online bookstore.

Space of Love magazine - SOL

Discontinued but still available.

Thank you Yuri Smirnov - editor SOL


Family homsteads

Go to Connect to find villages near you.


Everybody deserves a piece of land to build on the place where he is as a person, eternal spiritual beings in the Universe. What is this place called the Space of Love. It is only we ourselves can we take full responsibility.

See the petition "Statement of intent".

In our family estate settlement, up to one hundred families will be able to live in natural and cooperative living communities of plants, animals and humans. Each individual family lives on its approximately one hectare family estate. German language

Featured homestead settlements

"Terra Animam"

- Hungary

"Weda Elysia"

- Germany


- Italy

For us, there is nowhere in the world we would rather be than here. There is forest, meadow, established fruit and nut trees, springs and wildlife in abundance which is getting more diverse each passing year. 

  Family Homestead

- Japan

"Whatever you seek, pilgrim, you are already carrying with you. You keep losing it with every step you take, and are finding nothing new."

- Parable of Two Brothers, Anastasia

Lidija Mitrojevic @ Lidija here 

© 2017  Motherland Project

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