The Plan...  2017-2030

Here is the visualization I want you to join me with...


It is based on the time-frames of how Russia progressed - from the first publication of "Anastasia" right through to the passing of the "Far Hectare" legislation in Russia. Here is where we are heading ladies and gentlemen. These things did not happen "miraculously". From what I can gather, this is what the Russian people did to get the Free Land legislation passed... A lot of people put in a lot of effort:

(1) moved onto their land, started a business to support themselves, showed working models of this social system
(2) wrote up Statements of Intent (visualising) for their village and village management
(3) began to attract other members into their villages
(4) began holding readers conferences in their country
(5) started to write policy documents to present to politicians
(6) presented policy documents to local politicians
(7) continued to lobby local politicians
(8) held protests - raised public awareness.


After that, the bill for Free Land was presented in the Duma. 
A year later, the law for the gift of Free Land got passed.


A total of 20 years only !!

Visualize with me that we hit the same time-targets in all other countries. This is in our very immediate future! We have a lot to get done !! We envisage for the Free Land gift to happen in most countries in around 2025, between 2022-2027. It's not far away.

Let's get cracking with Stage 1:




- Find people to work with to bring this great plan into being.

Here are the Russian time-frames...


  • 1996 - "Anastasia" was published (then 5 years go by)

  • 2001 - The first true "rodovoe pomestie" was moved onto in Russia (then 14 years go past)

  • 2015 January - The "Far Hecare" bill was tabled in the Russian parliament (18 months go by)

  • 2016 May - The "Far Hectare" Act gets passed

Based on the above table, here's a projection for what I think the progression in the West will be. It also will take a lot of effort from us all to bring all of these things about...


  • 2005 - "Anastasia" was published in English language
    (then 5 years go by)

  • 2010 - A good scattering of kin's domains properties were set up in the West (then 14 years go past)

  • 2023 - People (us) from countries all over the world have put our heads down (2017-2025) and done all the processes as described above. We have lobbied our governments with all of our effort, for the Free Land gift. Of course this will be a struggle. We are breaking the chains of 2000 years of the Roman Empire. 

  • 2025 - 140 countries pass their Free Land Acts


That's the 20-year mark !!

  • 2030 - All 198 countries in the world have passed their Free Land Acts - including England, Scotland, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Myanmar. 


This is ABSOLUTELY achievable. 


Please join with me and put in your best efforts.


We are in Stage 1: "FIND EACH OTHER"

#KinsDomainNetwork #KDN

"Think globally. Connect locally."