What is the Kin's Domain Network?

This is a network with a worldwide directory that publicises kins domains, KD development meetings, social media communities, events, and so on. The purpose of this project is to help people find and connect with each other locally. Our desire is to inspire people to start projects that will lead to the co-creation of kin's domains in your own region in the country where you live.




Connect with other people in your location.





International group - All welcome. Articles, discussion.

Note: We are retaining these terms on this project -

"co-creating" and "kin's domains".  These terms are easily recognised as Ringing Cedars-related words throughout the English-speaking world. These terms relate very specifically to Anastasia and  the Ringing Cedars books. 

Other words and terms including "eco-village" and "homestead" are generic. These words are already in common use in the English language. They mean something else - not what Anastasia talks about.


"Homestead" and "eco-village do not convey the deeper meanings hidden within "rodovoe pomestie" which means, "the place of my eternal family line."

"Co-creating kin's domains..." Groups.


IMPORTANT. Please read.  


Request only to the group closest to where you live. We do not encourage the stares of our neighbours across our Living Fence. Anastasia says to us, "Take back YOUR Motherland." Not anybody else's, but YOUR Motherland. Now is the time for us to focus on the developments on the ground where our feet stand. This is the way we get things done.


"Serial requesters" are immediately reported to Administrators of our network - and you will be removed. So please, stick to these guidelines, and everybody can get on with their work in peace. Thanks.




New Zealand








There are many more projects and contacts on the Directory

Purposes. Aims.

Our primary function is to help you connect to other people in your local area so you can meet together and to start to plan the co-creation of your kin's domains in your own country or region. 

This is why this project is called "Kin's Domain Network" and is why all of our associated groups are called "Co-creating kin's domains" because this is what we are - a network - and this is what we are doing - coming together to help each other build our kin's domains, "co-creation".


The time of educating ourselves

about Anastasia is over

The time for taking ACTION

is NOW !!

We meet together once a month

in local groups all over the world.

The "Kin's Domain Network" which you are contemplating participating in conducts once-a-month meetings all around the world, called "Wednesday Cafe".


This sychronized monthly meeting follows a program of topics throughout 2017. It was developed by members of the Anastasia Association of Hungary, "Terra Animam". They are very happy to share their program with us wherever we are the world - for whoever would like to participate.    

When people arrive on a KDN group, please find out which State other members are living in. When you find somebody else from your State, please engage with them and discuss joining together to create a "branch" stemming from the Main Trunk of this tree (that Country-name group).


Together, make a group for your State. If neither of you know how to make a group, please Message me on Facebook or write to our email address and we will have your group up very quickly.


Please go with these group names in this format as much as you can, ie: "Co-creating kin's domains (your region name)". The group for your State, city or region name will then be very easy to find then when people look  in the Facebook Search engine.


eg: "Co-creating kin's domains Kentucky", "Co-creating kin's domains Sydney AU", Co-creating kin's domains British Columbia", and so on.  


You don't need any permissions at all to start your group, as long as you come from a place of FULL INTEGRITY - in full TRUTH from your heart and with purposefulness to do a good job for the people of your region. Your primary purpose is to help people in your region find each other, and to facilitate the co-creation of meetings in that area.  

Facebook protocols for groups in the Kin's Domain Network

When you set up your KDN group for your Country or your State, please only Accept people onto your group who live in that region. By making this restriction, you will be able to start finding each other much more easily. If your group is filled with people from all over the world, it will be impossible for you to arrange meetings on that group.

Here is the strategy I follow when people are requesting to local groups and they live in a different location:

1) Hi "Johnny". Where are you living currently? What is your interest in joining the [place name] group? Thanks.

2) I delete their request. It's up to them to make the next contact.

3) They reply (or not), which is why I delete the request.

4) If they are still insistent on joining the group I say, "Can you make it to [place name] once a month for planning meetings?"

5) They usually say 'no'

6) I follow it up with. "
The point of this network is this - to create something locally. If you want to create something for [their region name] to help your own people find each other, please let me know.


7) Also I usually add: "Please see the "Welcome" and the "Mission Statements" on the homepage of the website.

Thanks. http://kinsdomainnetwork.wixsite.com/international

How do we keep building our network?

Our "Country" groups give birth to "State" groups which then in turn gives birth to "County" and "Greater City" groups. This happens organically as people on the bigger Country or State groups show an interest in doing something more localised within their region. The Admin on the group keeps a look-out for such people and offers them the invitation to start up a group for their area. This area group is then posted on the State group and the Country groups, so that other people know they are there.

These are all separate Facebook groups that are run by dedicated and determined people who live in these locations. "Determined"? Because they see the vision for their own location for the creation of kin's domains (space of love - SOL) and kin's domains villages.


The County groups in turn give birth to many 100s of separate "Town" Facebook groups - all nested under your County which is nested under your much bigger State group.


The Greater City groups give birth to "Suburbs" groups. All of these are nested under the State group. In this way, people from all over the world in all places have the chance to connect with people who live nearby. This is our optimum goal, for this to happen. This is in the 1-5 year plan - to get Facebook groups created (by you) in your location, all over the world.  


You can see now why it's so important to keep our groups "nested" (towns under counties under states under countries) and to make sure that our Members are from that location. If we get slack on these two things, our network starts to break down. 

Make sure you "notify" that your new group exists

All of these groups are to be notified-advertised by the group's creator. You need to put a post of your new group onto your State group, your Country group and on the International group. You actually need to do this at least once a fortnight. People in your region will then see your group exists, and they will join you. By doing this, I will see your post in the International group and immediately add it to the "Kin's Domain Network" Directory



And please remember our motto:  


"Think globally. Connect locally."


Thank you all. Much love, from Bron 

- for the "Kin's Domain Network" team

Networking, promotions and social media
Systems architect