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NETHERLANDS. November 23, 2016.

Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his Trial

"Mr. President, Members of the Court - Our ancestors fought for freedom and democracy. They suffered, many gave their lives. We owe our freedoms and the rule of law to these heroes. But the most important freedom, the cornerstone of our democracy, is freedom of speech. The freedom to think what you want and to say what you think.

"If we lose that freedom, we lose everything. Then, the Netherlands cease to exist; then the efforts of all those who suffered and fought for us are useless. From the freedom fighters for our independence in the Golden Age to the resistance heroes in World War II. I ask you: Stand in their tradition. Stand for freedom of expression." - Wilders

Putin, Trump in phone call back normalizing US-Russia ties — Kremlin
Trump looking forward to ‘strong and enduring relationship with Russia’.
Kremlin says two leaders share ‘phenomenally similar’ foreign policy outlook

Vladimir Putin spoke with the US president-elect, Donald Trump, for the first time on Monday, with the Russian president keen to emphasise the potential for bilateral cooperation. According to a Kremlin summary of the phone call, Putin said he was ready for "a dialogue of partnership with the new administration based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other."

USA. Donald Trump plans to repeal EPA tax laws re: inheritance of family farms and small businesses. November 3, 2016 campaign speech, North Carolina.


Trump said:  "Our plan will end the EPA. We will stop the EPA intrusion into your family farms and stop the double-taxation of your family farms at death. Currently: You can't even pass your family farms down to your children... You can't even pass small businesses down to your children..."  at 3:01:12 ​on the video. 


It looks as though Donald Trump will be the man who pushes through the FREE LAND gift for the American people... He's heading in that direction.

June 2, 2016. Russia "Free Hectare" website crashed on first day - 400,000 applications made for land.


The law concerning free allocation of land to citizens of Russia, the "Far Eastern hectare" came into force yesterday. The only significant requirement of the state to Russians to receive land, is the need for the development of the land over 5 years. This has been written into the framework of Russian legislation. If a citizen for five years has mastered the land for agriculture, business, forestry or hunting, [or any other business] the term of land use will be renewed automatically. It will then pass into their estate to be handed down to their descendants into perpetuity.

May 1, 2016. Russian Federal law passed for the
"Free Hectare" land gift.


Russian President signed the Law of the "Far Hectare" Act for the issue of land to Russians in the Far Eastern Federal District:  "A citizen is entitled to receive once the gratuitous use of an area of ​​up to 1 hectare of land (2.4 acres) for 5 years in a simplified procedure for the conduct of any activity not prohibited by law. The site is issued to one family. The value is not a category of the land (except where there are some restrictions provided for forest). After this period of 5 years and subject to certain conditions, the land will then become the personal estate of the recipients and may thereafter be subject to the usual land tax of that region." 

January 19, 2015. President Putin facilitates the "Space of Love" concept in Russia.  


In January 2015, Russia gave permission to go ahead with a plan that Anastasia suggests for all nations: For the governments of the world to gift to families of that country 1 hectare of land which is equivalent to 2.4 acres. This is what she termed a "Space of Love", Kins Domain" or "Family Homestead". 


Russian Deputy PM Yuri Tretnev proposed that the land be used to create a business - people can plant their own crops, raise small animals, have space for their children to run around and learn about nature, keep bees, enjoy each other's company and welcome people outside of the family.