"Take back your Motherland, people!"

In the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books, Siberian recluse Anastasia comes up with a plan for humanity that restores humanity to its "pristine origins" as "Living Man" upon the land. In Chapter 24 of Book 4, "Co-creation", Anastasia strikes upon a solution. She says: We need to tell everyone, Vladimir - 

"Take back your Motherland people!"


This is Anastasia's solution for the whole world - a plan not only for Man, but for every living creature, all the animals, insects, micro-organisms, and for our forests, our air, our seas, lakes and rivers. It is a whole plan - one that will forever change the fortunes of this entire planet and everything on it. The design is for every family to reclaim 1 hectare of their Motherland in countries all over the world, and create there a "space of love" - their kin's domain.

Anastasia also recommends for people to create a political party for their own countries... "The Motherland Party".

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Family Homesteads – Perfection of the Dwelling Land on Earth

Published June 25, 2017 by vmegrecom


The competition referred to in this video ended on July 7, 2017

The Russian "Motherland Party"  -   Latest news...

Marina Kopenkina organized the Saratovites to take part in the environmental action "BANK SHORES", which is being carried out by the Fund for Assistance to the Protection of Water Resources "Native Rivers".

Ecological action was held today on May 6, 2017! 
Members of the political party "RELATIVE PARTY" Saratov regional office, as well as like-minded people cleaned the coniferous forest in the Saratov region of the Tatishchevsky district near the settlement of the Family Estate "Vedrussia". Bagged garbage was taken to special garbage containers. 12 adults and 3 children took part in the action. Adults showed the children how to protect the nature of the forest, to free the Earth from debris. Only a personal example is the correct education of the younger generation, only then will the children understand how to preserve and preserve nature, and this tradition will pass from generation to generation.

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Think globally. Connect locally. Administrators needed to run "kin's domains" social media groups for your country. Go here. Connect your people up.

Image: Lidija Mitrojevic (dancer)

We are taking back our Motherlands!

The "Take back your Motherland" project is committed to helping you find people in your own country who are readers of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books. This website includes a worldwide directory - see Connect in the menu. The aim of this project is (a) to help people connect with each other locally, (b) to inspire people to start initiatives that will lead to the co-creation of kin's domains in your country, and to (c) support you in forming your political party in your country "The Motherland Party".


Wherever you are in the world, from the Amazon to Zanzibar, please contact us with your website and Facebook group addresses. We'd love to show the world what you are doing. If there's nothing yet moving in your country, we want to help you get something started.


Opposite you will find some suggestions for how to get started... 

  • Talk with a friend about starting a local meeting

  • Establish a local Facebook group

  • Start up a "Wednesday Cafe" (once a month)

  • Hold an Event

  • Write funding proposals

  • Write your village declaration of intent

  • Find sponsors to help you buy your land

  • Find land

  • Deal with council bureaucrats

  • Move onto your land

  • Begin your plantings

  • Decide on your businesses

  • Welcome new potential neighbours for your village

  • Start a school

  • Open a fruit and vege co-operative and store

  • Sell arts and crafts through an online store

  • Make videos and start recording music  

This is my introduction of this subject. It is imperfect. This is the first time i've used Movie Maker straight off my pc camera. I don't even know how to edit yet, as you will see on this video... But I wanted to get something out into the world at least to explain the current situation. This video gives you a better idea of how all of this came about, and how and why you need to become involved. Published on May 9, 2017. In the Russian Duma on May 2, 2016 President Putin signed an Act of parliament that gifts 1 hectare of land (2.47 acres) to every Russian family. This had been predicted by the Siberian mystic and recluse, Anastasia. She also predicted that every country in the world would be gifted free land to every family by their governments. Anastasia's words to humanity: "Take back your Motherland".

Website: http://motherlandproject.wixsite.com/international
Blog - the Russian process: https://humanitytakebackyourland.blogspot.co.nz/
Blog - general articles: http://takebackyourmotherland.blogspot.co.nz/
International Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeBackYourMotherland/
Vladimir Megre's website: http://vmegre.com/en/

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Anastasia's dream for the world in 1995 is coming true: On May 1, 2016, the Russian government offered its citizens 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of free land for every family!!

Putin agrees to free land trial.


On January 19, 2015 news agent "Russia Today" announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to a free land give-away for people living in the Far East region. On February 2, 2017 all Russians would be eligible to apply for a gift of 1 hectare of land...

The "Far Hectare" Act is passed.


On May 1, 2016 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the legislation gifting citizens 1 hectare of land as a once-only gift in the Far East for residents of those regions. A website would be available for people to make their applications...

Website crashes on first day.


June 2, 2016. The Russian "Free Hectare" website crashed on its first day after receiving 400,000 requests for land. Recipients need to agree to develop a business on the land. This can range from forestry, horticulture, or animal products, through to the arts, trades, sciences, eco-tourism

and so on...  

The first three Russian families have received their free land !!!


June 1, 2016. The first three applications were processed from residents in the Far East region, who for many years had engaged in beekeeping. The land can be used for any lawful purpose to create a business on it...

The time has come for native-born people in countries all over
the world to demand for their governments to do the same...
The land belongs to the people, not to the corporations!
"Rodovoe pomestie" - my family's land
In English, we often call our kins domain our "space of love". In Russian it is called "Rodovoe pomestie" - "the place of my eternal family line". From this, you can see we are not talking about "ecovillages" but something much, much deeper. We are talking about "the place of your belonging" which you hand down to your descendants.  It's a beautiful heartfelt place that you build and grow during your lifetime, and then you hand it down to your children after you. What you are handing on in fact is a representation of yourself seen in everything you have created, and the energy of yourself who has lived on that land. That land can never be sold. That land has no true value except for you and your descendants. This is such a beautiful idea that Anastasia has given the world.
Wednesday Cafes
- local meetings once a month

We invite you to join with us all around the world for our regular monthly meetings. The dates of these meetings for 2017 are:

January 11 - Ancestors, Family, Clan

February 8 - seed market, seed, nutrition, food

March 8 - Community and helpful structures to transition to the new earth

April 12 - Childrens day, How children live and grow (created by children)

May 10 - Wedding, Marriage and the relationship between man and woman

June 14 - The kin's domain as a living space, the hectare as living environment

July 12 - Building, Handcraft, Creativity

August 9 - Phenomen Anastasia

September 6 - Medicine, Alternatives, (Spiritual) Cure 

October 11 - Gratitude for Harvest, Celebrating the Earth 

November 8 - Transition/Initiation: Birth and Death

December 13 - Dark forces - self-determination vs. manipulation

Created by the Hungary settlement Terra Animam

Petition - Sign!

The idea behind ​​the Kins Domains development is that each human can live a joyful life on Earth. They remember their free and joyful creation, a birthright they can share with the land on Mother Earth. It is suitable for people of all nations, all religions and it is able to be adopted for almost all areas of the globe.

Featured kin's domain village

"Terra Animam"

- Hungary

Everybody deserves a piece of land to build on the place where he is as a person, eternal spiritual beings in the Universe. What is this place called the Space of Love. It is only we ourselves can we take full responsibility.

See the petition "Statement of intent".