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"Be good - Be kind" 


Published in Ukraine in Russian language. Translates into 100 languages.

International newspaper "be kind" on the improvement of the environment, healthy lifestyle, lifestyle in harmony with nature (the idea of ​​the family estate), and how to make, that all was well. The newspaper for those who improve habitat: making our earth and the whole world around the beautiful and happy, and who settles family estates. . It is important to not only know about it, but also how it put in my life to live happily in a clean place: drink clean water, breathe air filled with pollen, eat fresh organic food, to live with a loving spouse in the place which will be a good memory of you with your great-grandchildren.


Published in Norway in Norwegian language.
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CULTURAL WORKS is a regularly updated online magazine that covers the subject areas of culture and nature - Be it philosophy, religion, ecology, conservation, art, philosophy, science, film, society, literature, music, identity, etc. Briefly, some of the fields that are essential to human activity belonging to the cultural and natural being.

We are a diverse bunch of people who diverge in different directions. We have a common foundation in that man, the individual and society must take responsibility for their future and those who come after, if one is to have a livable future whatsoever. This applies not least responsible for natural resource base that requires all living things on the planet and therefore our own livelihoods. There lies our deep ecological foundation and our desire to explore the relationship between man and nature at various levels.


Rivendell - lots of information.  Dutch authors.

This website auto-translates

Anastasiadorp  - Dutch

This website auto-translates

Anastasia Norge - Norwegian

Living the (R)Evolution - English. German author

Anasztazia - Hungary  



"From Russia with love" by Andrew Jones
Nov/Dec 2009

Russia's ecological miracle   by Rene Bakke

December 2, 2012 

Anastasia og Ringing Cedars - Norway

Anastasiabevegelsen, selvforsyning og Russland  on the Natur Samfunn Forum - Norway
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Anastasia - in German Deutsch

"Anastasia's Kins Domains are being created all over the world"  by Celtic Gardens - Australia


Norway - Natur Samfunn Forum

Russian language forum  -

VK is not a Ringing Cedars forum, but you will find lots of "Ringing Cedars" community Groups and Pages on VK.  Just put this into your Search so you can find them >>  "Ringing Cedars" in Russian is:

                 Звенящие Кедры