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New website: "Anastasia Europa"

A community of Ringing Cedars readers from Europe and the UK.

All readers and newcomers are welcome. 




A big thanks to everybody who has subscribed to "The Motherland Project" website. I created the Motherland Project website originally with a European focus. This is because my partner is Swedish and I wanted to start networking with other readers of the Ringing Cedars books who live in Europe. As I started to search for groups, communities, villages, social media networks and individuals, I found people from all over the world. I then changed focus of the website to embrace all countries in the world outside of Russia - that is because Russia has its own website run by the Megre family business. My plan is to build a similar website for Europe as what Russia has. Their site is good and useful for people as a central directory for information and networks. It would be great to have something similar developed for Europe (as I am doing), and as each continent of the world needs.


I'm aware it's not ideal to use the name "Anastasia" in our websites. The difficulty is that "Ringing Cedars" and "Ringing Cedars of Russia" are trade names owned by Vladimir Megre and his family. I had been previously contacted by Nina Megre (in 2016) when I used these words on my first website. I was courteously asked to remove them, which I did.


In the English translation of the books, the 1 hectare of land is alternatively called the "kin's domain" or the "space of love". Every language group in Europe has its own variation: in Germany "Familienlandsitz", in Scandinavia "Morland" or "Fosterland", in other countries "Native land" or "Ancestral land" (in their own languages) - so a homogenous word for the 1 hectare of land right across Europe is impossible to find. If there was a common term for the land that all 23 countries (and a greater number of language groups) could have rallied to, I would have used that.


Therefore: I have regrettably decided to follow Russia's lead. The name of the website has "Anastasia" in it. This is the unifying element right across Europe as Ringing Cedars readers. We all know who Anastasia is. The spelling of the name is broadly similar, right across Europe. So I made the decision to keep "Anastasia" in the website name, at least until such time as a better solution is found.


Nearly two years have gone by since I created The Motherland Project website. A lot has happened for me in the last two years. In August 2015, my partner and I talked about returning to live in Sweden. In December 2016, I made my application to immigrate. Only 6 weeks ago, my application was approved. Yes - it took 19 months to go through the process due to the current immigration crisis happening in Sweden. I wasn't holding my breath to be approved. It now has been. This is quite a lot to take in...


I'm still here in New Zealand, tying up loose ends, both physical and emotional. A part of this process of letting go the old and opening to the new has been to lay the foundations of the website that I originally started building - a website to bring together Ringing Cedars readers from all over Europe. This is where my heart is. This very soon will be my "back yard".


As you may have observed, I haven't been doing any work at all on the Motherland Project website for at least a year. My attentions have been elsewhere... And I won't do any further work on that site. Instead, I will take any useful information I can find from the Motherland Project and put it on the Anastasia Europa website. Now that my application has been approved, I know where my attention needs to be - on Mother Europa.


I am more than happy to still work in with coordinators for the Americas, for Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Russia...  but that will be to the extent of pointing my readers towards your websites and social media forums. I won't be adding any detailed information on the site about regions outside of Europe. Other creators need to stand forward for these areas. Everyone needs to look after their own "back yards".


Again, thank you for your interest in these topics. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. To the 166 people on this mailing list, I now invite you to subscribe to the Anastasia Europe website. It will be written in English primarily. English is commonly taught in schools right across Europe. Local European languages will also be published on the site. This is where I will be working in the future. People who live outside of Europe are most welcome to subscribe. Actions, a calendar of events, house meetings, Motherland Party policies being written etc, that we engage in and write for Europe may well spark ideas for you in your locality.


I hope you enjoy the new website. It's part way through being built. The design will likely be changed and improved as I create more web pages. People's information will be added to the new website as they become aware of the site. The site therefore will be an ongoing "work in progress". I hope you enjoy it and continue to be inspired and take action.


Much love to all - Bronwyn


Weda Elysia Germany