Free land for you and your family!

Free land for you and your family. This is what has happened in Russia. The government there is gifting its people free land - 1 hectare (2.4 acres) per family. We want to see this happen for the whole European continent and then for the rest of the world !! So it's in your best interests and the best interests of your future generations, that you share this website.

Thousands of Russian families have already moved onto their 1 hectare of land. This movement of people to the country areas in Russia started in around 2000-2001. The people who moved were readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. They were acting on the impulse of Anastasia, the taiga recluse, who said this is the way to resolve all the problems in the world. She gives a complete and detailed plan in the books that were written down by the entrepreneur, now turned author, Vladimir Megre. Prior to May 1, 2016 when the "Far Hectare" free land legislation was signed in Russia, these people obtained their land by the usual means... by paying for it. It is the hard work of these early pioneers in Russia who went out on a limb and simply acted on Anastasia's words in good faith, that has now opened the way for others. It is these people who persevered with their government for over 10 years, to release land and gift it back to the people.

What the Russian government has done will now be followed by the rest of Europe, starting first in the East. eg: the country of Belarus already has at least 14 family homestead settlements. Since the website is not always current there are possibly even more by now. Therefore, Belarus is actually in a very good position to start lobbying its government and writing legislation themselves to submit to their government - stating in detail what they want the legislation to say. This is what the people did in Russia. The people wrote the legislation. This is what we all must do, for all of our countries in Europe.

The steps we must take...

(1) Tell the whole of Europe: The first step in this process is to tell all of our friends and family members what has happened in Russia, and how this movement is travelling west. It is my estimation that by 2020, the UK and Ireland will be ready to submit their draft documents to their parliaments, pressuring them also for the release of land for its native population. That I feel, is how quickly this news will spread and gain momentum. With your help, this is how quickly we can change the current situation in Europe. So tell everyone - otherwise, we won't be able to add the pressure we need by the time we get to stages (5) and (6). This plan needs the attention and energy of everybody. Tell everyone, otherwise... it simply won't happen. (2) Decide on eligibility criteria: I hasten to add at this point that I feel any gift of land needs to go to the native poplation only. Therefore, if you were born in Poland and are now living in England, you wouldn't be eligible for the land gift in England.

(3) Write the legislation: In fact, as people write the legislation to put before their governments, a whole Section would need to be about "eligibility". I would suggest that land be released to people who can prove their connection to the land for 5 generations. The reason for this as people know who are living in Europe, is because of the huge influxes of immigrants who have flooded into Europe and the UK since the 1970s, and particularly since 2010.

(4) Make people think about where their "Motherland" really is. Therefore, if your great-grand parents were born in France and you are now living in Sweden, you would have to wait for Swedish natives to receive their 1 hectare first, who can prove their geneology to five generations and longer. For a small country like Norway that has a fairly large native population compared to land area, there simply might not be enough land to gift people even with four generations of residency. It's quite possible therefore that an immigrant even from c.1900, would not receive a land gift if that country simply has no more land available to gift. They would have to buy (privately selling) land themselves in that case. It would be your choice in that instance to return to your Motherland, to the land of your ancestors, where hopefully the same legislation has been passed.

(5) Referrenda: Many countries could call on a referrendum to decide - I think you only need 100,000 signatures on a petition in many countries to call for a referrendum. I'm sure most countries would obtain far many times that number for this piece of legislation. The politicians would do well to be afraid, and to follow the wishes of the people!

(6) Pass the legislation: Make sure you see the thing through to the end. Make sure the legislation gets passed!

(7) Move onto your Family Estate: Pack up your belongings, arrange your affairs, and move onto your free gift of 1 hectare per family. Please note: This land can never be sold, only passed on from generation to generation.

Before this current generation are teenagers, we the adults need to lead the way and impress upon our governments so strongly, the need for this legislation to be passed. In the end, because of all the reasoned arguments we put to them, they will have to concede - just as they did in Russia.

In conclusion...

You will have many questions of how this is possible, and you will likely have various arguments such as there not being enough land on the planet to gift everybody 1 hectare (2.4 acres) of land for each family. I will address some of these points immediately so we don't drag out long debates below.

Objection #1.

"There is not enough land. There is global over-population as it is." - FALSE

A quick Google search reveals the number of acres of arable, farmable land that is available, all over the world. The figure is 7,500,000,000 acres. I find that figure very interesting inasmuch as, this is the current approximate total of all people currently on the earth. Therefore if ALL people on earth wanted to move onto their 1 hectare of land right now, they could. The allocation is for 1 hectare per family, as suggested by Anastasia, so if your were parents of 6 children, you would still manage fine of 1 hectare (2.4 acres). However, if a country had plenty of farmable land right now, such as in England, Namibia or Uruguay, the government of that country might find it suitable to allocate 1 acre per person in the family. Particularly if there are older children, this might be a good idea. This then gives space for a larger family of 8 people to inhabit 8 acres (3.2 hectares), and at least two of the children can take over their 1 hectare each near to their aging parents.

For more on the topic of over-population, please see this article: "Global over-population" is a crock !!

Objection #2.

"Not everyone wants to live in the countryside. They want to stay in the city."

That's right. Some people like their city life, and that is perfectly fine. There is no obligation for anyone to leave the cities unless they want to. In fact, Anastasia says that unless somebody knows how to live on the land and care for the land and live in harmony with the natural environment, then it is much better that they don't go to the country. It would be a disaster. Until somebody understands how to live on the land, it's better that they stay away.

Objection #3.

"Why would the government do that? It's not economically viable." - FALSE

Export. During the 1990s in the transition from a communist state to a capitalist state - "perestroika", Russia's economy was affected badly. The Russian experience in the 1990s was much like the Cuban experience in the 1960s. When the economy of these countries was threatened, the people returned to the land. In both of these countries, the people planted food crops and it was the salvation of these countries. In fact, export of organic fruit and vegetables from off small dacha plots (600m2) was what kept Russia moving. Please see this article for some astounding figures -

"35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk." Quite astounding.

Unemployment. Many people know the saying "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The same is true for land. In the same way that we go to the ocean and fish where we like (nobody owns the ocean), the same needs to apply for land. The land needs to be available so people can feed themselves. The benefits on a country's economy to gift 1 hectare of land to its unemployed people are manifold. Under the stipulations described in the Russia Far Hectare Act (2016), the recipient needs to be developing a business on the land. If they do not, the land will be taken off them when a 5-year check is done. This alone provides good motivation to work, plant, set up a workshop, a dance class, an art studio, an adventure tourism business. You have purpose.

Beyond the psychological reasons and the physio-mental health benefits of being on your own land, as you develop your business, you become less and less dependent on the state economically. Over time, you will no longer need to receive an unemployment benefit. You will no longer be a dependent of the state. That is a good feeling. Your children are happy and have somewhere to call "home". There is no more transient living, trying to find a place to fit in, and constantly never knowing if you can afford the next meal. All of the above is a recipe for deepest unhappiness in the population, and no work output from thousands of people - millions in some countries, means there is ongoing economic loss for the country over all.

Mortgages. Where is the money going now? Everyone reading this article, stop for a moment and reflect how much money you currently have going out of your weekly earnings on loans and rent. For most people it will be more than half of their income - just to have a piece of land to stand on, a few metres of floor, a small apartment, or a bigger house or farm that have huge overhead expenses. The major expense will be your mortgage.

Now let's say your government decides to run with this idea of gifting 1 hectare (2.4 acres) of land to each family. Let's say for the sake of this example that there is still opportunity to go to work in the town or city, if it is near enough. Therefore, one spouse can continue to maintain their job, the second spouse can begin developments on the property. Now... What happens to the money that used to be spent on the mortgage?

Well... for a start, the family income might drop a little until the business being created on the land starts earning money. Let's say this is the situation for the first year. Then after that, there is more money once again in the family budget. What then? What happens to the disposable income? - It goes into improving the life of the family, of course! The small make-shift dwelling or caravan the family started out in can now be extended, more trees for the property can be purchased, the occasional "luxury" item can be purchased, a family holiday is now possible. So where IS the money going that used to pay off the rent or mortgage? Back into the local economy is where.

The bulk of the money you used to pay to fat-cat greedy bankers with all the profits going off-shore to overseas investors (a great bottomless pit that enriched only a few), is now being recycled back into your local economy through your purchases (goods tax). Because we want to enrich our country so it can continue to pay for infrastructure such as roading, health care and schools, it's also advisable that the new businesses being started up, make sure they declare their tax. All in all, it's the country that gets richer, not the bankers. Once governments realise this, they will quickly take up this idea and remove the mill wheel from around the neck of its people. The people will no longer be paying eternal "dead money" to the banks for their loans. The people will be freed up, and any disposable income is returned to the local economy! Good plan!

Children and family life. You now have a family life. That's all that needs to be said about that.

Objection #4. "It wouldn't work"

Why wouldn't it work? It's working for Russia. Your government needs to set up a pilot plan in a part of the country where there is arable soil but that is sparsely populated. The area considered needs to be a large-sized piece of territory, otherwise, it will be difficult to see what the benefits are and what the impacts are on the country. Based on the Russian model, I would say somewhere between 10-20% of the total land of a country needs to be made available to gift. The impacts will then be easily measurable - not only in terms of economics, but also for crime, health, truancy, drug addiction, mental health, and the general happiness of the population.

Please feel free to add any other questions or objections below, and myself and other readers of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books will answer you to the best of our ability. Thank you.

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