Who or what is "God"? How can we know it's real? How do we connect with it?

I had an amazing conversation last night on Facebook with a guy in Krsna Consciousness UK. The conversation interwove around making connections between Anastasia the Vedrus and the Vedas of India - the wisdom schools. Of course, there was talk about "God" and our ideas of what this is. All of that conversation is lost now, because he ended up blocking me. Apparently, this is how challenging these ideas are about God which i'm going to present here. I can't re-capture the whole conversation as we were talking for around 2 hours - but what follows is at least a summary and a reflection of the conversation I had last night with this most radiant of people. I am so sorry he felt the need to snuff our communications out. Such information can be very challenging, one must admit. It would appear that I am so dangerous that even a religious leader deeply grounded in his own philosophy, has to run away from me! Lol !!! This is very funny, right?

Please join me now. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? :)

"Who or what is 'God'?"

Why did my new friend block me?

He apparently felt so challenged with the telling of my personal experiences of "God" that it was going to require him to move too far away from the safety of his books and the nice little "boxed up" version of the "God" that he has mentally constructed. He apparently likes his formulae of God, as set out in KrisCon - humans do this. People have a habit of telling God who and what it can be, which is pretty ironic right? "God" is recognised in most religions as being indefinable and infinite - and yet there is still a need to package "God" into a particular treatise of human-minded formulations. ie: "God is this and not that. God behaves like this and not that. Adherents to God have to behave and think in this way and not that." I guess also because of his position as a teacher, he has a lot to lose in terms of the ego - not meaning "pride" but meaning his attachment to self-identity because he believes what his Mind is telling him about himself, to be true - and never realising all along that Mind-identification is actually a barrier to knowing God or "that which is without limit nor explanation".

We all have this propensity. This is "ego" - the self-identification in the world of form to adhere to certain thoughts, ideations, relationships, communications or to want to be in possession of certain manifest physical forms, eg: objects, qualifications (the piece of paper), one's own body, and so on. Somewhere within us we have a tendency to say, "This is me". To some extent this is true, but only to the extent that it is still a manifestation within the hologram.

When you realise that none of this is YOU, a very wide path of possibility opens up in front of you.

Buddhism tells us to be non-attached. It appears that (certain) Krsna devotees, and certainly millions upon millions of people who practice a formalised religion (which incidentally means 'to repeat over and over'), still need the safety net, and fear letting go to possibility. Well... In KrisCon there is some indoctrination about reincarnating into an animal form. That's a shame. The same is true with Christianity and its hell, and i'm sure other religions also speak about a variety of punishments. This UK teacher in Manchester (Gavin) is a really good and onto it guy. I still have a really good feeling about him. Maybe i've planted some seeds in him so he will go out into the Universe and explore some more rather than be satisfied with the experiences and awareness of another, as he has read about in his books. We must all go out and obtain the Truth for ourselves. It's no good taking anyone else's word for it.

Myself and my relationship with religion...

I don't fit nicely into a "packaged" religion. I've had way too many experiences. I'm very sad that around two hours of writing and extrapolations done in the mid-hours of this morning (3am) have now all been lost :-/ They were actually really good too (damn it!). The conversation was an exceedingly inspiring one. I woke up this morning to find that my newest of Friends had blocked me. It's all been lost. What was the problem with the communication? I can only put it down to this: I was asking him to take God-Krsna out of the prescribed way that he has been taught to think about it, by other men (gurus). It was too much for him. It appears that he still needs to have clear definitions for himself of who or what "That" is. That's ok... most people need this. It's great though when you see people going beyond these prescriptions and they start "colouring outside of the lines". As a happy consequence of the conversation, i've gained a couple of new Facebook friends who happened to be looking on at the conversation - so it's not all lost.

In summary

Does this mean that "all that is Expanded and Limitless and without definition" is only "safe" when it can be prescribed to people and doled out in dumbed-down doses? Really? "God" the Life Spark which inhabits absolutely everything, seen and not seen, and which is infinite and indefinable, must be chuckling at this as much as I am... I can feel the grin. I'm very glad that Creator has a great sense of humour! I definitely experience this Energy as a playful child or maybe later teenager very often. It is very good-willed and allows these expressions of itself (us) to experience themselves as they wish to. #FreeWillUniverse

I hope these thoughts have given you something to ponder at least. I don't expect people to blindly embrace these thoughts - heaven forbid! The Truth has to be the Truth for ourselves. Listen to no man or woman, not even me. Extend your heart out to The All That Is. Your heart will lead you.

That is "God"

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